New Look BLM

In line with recent managerial decision to change the direction the brand would be taking, we've launched a new website that better fits with the new goals and mission of Blade Lifestyle Media and are ready to step forward with a fantastic new brand and exciting products.

Blade Lifestyle Media's new vision positions us as a publisher of many types of media - starting with books. We will be investing our resources into maintaining distributor relations, marketing our published media and making sure our content producers are looked after.

This reigns in our previously fragmented view of an 'umbrella' BLM and changes our focus to a more refined and effective operational purpose. The original projects that were originally drafted with the BLM brand in mind have been moved off to our other sister brands, while remaining under the administration of Blade-Conspire International Group.

The Blade-Conspire International Group management division has now, effectively assumed the original position the BLM brand was to operate under, with the previously planned BLM divisions now being integrated into other Blade-Conspire Brands - allowing for better resource distribution, since much of the infrastructure is already present in our sister companies.